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Your Backstage Pass to the Arts in Tri-Cities

Welcome to The Green Room, a podcast brought to you by Arts Center Task Force. Step behind the curtain and join us for insightful conversations with artists, performers, industry experts, and community leaders as we explore the vibrant world of the performing arts.

In each episode, your host invites you into the intimate space of The Green Room, where artists prepare, unwind, and share their stories. from actors and musicians to dancers and directors, we delve into their creative processes, inspirations, and the challenges they face in bringing performances to life on stage. 

But The Green Room isn't just for artists. It's a place where everyone can gather to celebrate the transformative power of the arts and its impact on our lives and communities. We'll discuss the role of the arts in fostering cultural enrichment,  promoting social change, and enhancing our quality of life. 

Whether you're a seasoned theatergoer, a curious newcomer, or simply passionate about supporting the arts, The Green Room invites you to join the conversation. Tune in for engaging discussions, behind-the-scenes insights, and a deeper appreciation of the magic that happens both onstage and off. 


So grab a seat, relax in The Green Room, and let's explore the captivating world of the performing arts together. 

Meet Your Host


Greg has had a blessed life. He’s interviewed hundreds of celebrities, politicians, writers and just plain folk, been the emcee for dozens of events, taught scuba classes, played in classic rock bands and managed radio stations across the U.S. He’s been married to his high school sweetheart and favorite co-star since 1979. Greg recently retired from radio after a 40+ year career but continues to write, act and direct for a local movie production company.

Season 2

Bonus Episode -

Greg Martin takes a few minutes to catch up with a couple interviews we did last year with Rays's Golden Lion and Cafe con Arte. Both businesses were in the process of opening last year and as a bonus episode before season two of the Green Room Podcast gets underway next month we thought it was a good time to connect with Ray's Golden Lion's Talon Yager and Andrew McVay as well as a visit with Cafe con Arte's Sual Martinez now that both businesses are up and running. 

Then...get ready for Season Two of The Green Room Podcast beginning April 9th, 2024. 

Episode 1 -

For the first show of the 2024 season, host Greg Martin welcomes The Emerald of Siam's Dara Quinn to discuss this year's Tri Town Get Down coming up June 7-9. The two discuss how the show has exploded from a small music gathering to a full-on music festival this year.  For ticket and information visit the TriTown Get Down website at 

Season 1

Episode 8 - For the last show of the season we have a number of treats for you. First, we start with a conversation with two of this communities' foremost arts leaders and the people responsible for the annual holiday performance of the Nutcracker, Debra and Joel Rogo. 

Then we have a couple of up close and personal conversations with the two newest members of the Arts Center Task Force staff, Amber Maiden and Riley Osborn!


Thank you for making the Arts Center Task Force Green Room Podcast a success. We will be back in April 2024 for our second season.

Episode 7 - This month, Julie & Greg get the lowdown from Adele Finch on the 72-Hour Film Challenge where people tackle the making of a complete short film in just 3 days! Then Greg discusses the TriFi International Film Festival, now in its 15th year, with TriFi board president, Lauren Cowles.

Then Greg discusses the TriFi International Film Festival, now in its 15th year, with TriFi board president, Lauren Cowles.

There is also a discussion with both guests about the rapidly growing film industry here in the Tri-Cities and how you can get involved.

Episode 6 - Join hosts Julie & Greg in the Green Room this month as they chat with Cyndi Kimmel about the Rude Mechanicals theatre group that is working to provide our community with access to professional-quality Shakespeare and Shakespeare-inspired productions, accompanied by ongoing educational opportunities and unique experiences to enhance enjoyment and understanding of Shakespeare’s work.

Then join Sarah Avenir, one of the publishers of Tumbleweird, a monthly alternative Tri-Cities community driven newspaper. She talks about how they continue to provide local content and in their words "Tumbleweird exists to bring together a more diverse, creative, and progressive community than Eastern Washington gets credit for, in order to connect, highlight, and encourage the betterment of our area." 

Episode 5 -The Green Room Podcast gets vocal this month with a couple of extremely talented artists. Julie & Greg's first guest is Reginald Unterseher who is Music Director and Composer-in-Residence at Shalom United Church of Christ, Richland, Washington. 

The second guest this month is no stranger to vocal music! Justin Raffa is celebrating his 15th year as Artisitc Director of the Mid-Columbia Master Singers as well as being the President of the  Washington State Arts Commission.

It's a jam-packed podcast you won't want to miss!

Episode 4 - Join hosts Julie Wiley and Greg Martin for a page turning interview this month as they discuss writing with local author Stella Williams who is this year's Rivers of Ink chair. Stella talks about her process for writing and how you can get involved in this years writers festival.

Then don't miss the conversation with local New York Times best selling author, Patricia Briggs. They discuss how research is done for Patty's Mercy Thompson series of books as well as how she got into writing these best selling urban fantasy books.

Episode 3 - Host Greg Martin is flying solo this month and has art on his mind. In his first segment he discovers a brand new place to grab a great cup of coffee and check out some fantastic art with Pasco's Cafe con Arte. Alexia Estrada & Saul Martinez are the owner of Cafe con Arte and they discuss what the community can expect with this new art space.

Next, Autonomous owner, Luke Ray talks with Greg about his idea to turn the alley way behind Richland's Uptown Shopping Center into a premiere art and event space. Ray discusses the challenges of taking a service area and making it a place to show off local artists work and more!

Episode 2 - This month on The Green Room Podcast join hosts Julie Wiley and Greg Martin for a conversation about the current Richland Players production of the hit play, Clue! First it was a great family board game...then a hilariously funny movie...and now CLUE is a hit stage play!

In the second part of The Green Room Podcast Julie & Greg welcome the Mid Columbia Symphonies maestro, Nicholas Wallin to discuss the 2023 season. Listen as we dig beneath the music to see what goes into preparing for a season and how the maestro approaches every selection.

Episode 1 - Welcome to this premiere episode of the Green Room Podcast from the Arts Center Task Force. Each month hosts Greg Martin & Julie Wiley will talk about upcoming arts events and happenings in and around the Tri-Cities, Washington area. This month Julie & Greg discuss the upcoming SPEW event and chat about the reopening of Ray's Golden Lion.

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